28 May 2018  // English Wine Week // Boconnoc

28 May 2018 // English Wine Week // Boconnoc

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In celebration of English Wine Week, we are delighted to welcome our friends from Emerging Vines to host this very special Wild Wine Club in the spectacular grounds of Boconnoc. 

Tom, Tommy and Josh have taken the UK wine scene by storm, uncovering and showcasing the amazing range of wines being produced in the UK. 

Over the evening they’ll be sharing five of their favourites with us with a particular focus on South West producers.

In keeping with the local theme we’ll be serving up a five-course feast championing produce from Devon and Cornwall designed around the five wines. 

 We will be discovering the beautiful grounds of the estate and our dining settings will include the Bath House and the Stable Yard. 

About Boconnoc

Boconnoc’s story begins thousands of years ago. Since the days of the Domesday Book, people have inhabited this beautiful tract of Cornwall—and the estate itself is alive with centuries of history.

Luminaries, royals, and other famous personalities have all found their way to Boconnoc: from King Charles I, who spent the night in what is now the King’s Bedroom, to Thomas “Diamond” Pitt, the former Governor of Madras. In fact, Pitt made Boconnoc his home after selling his infamous diamond—first discovered in Golconda, India—to the French Crown.

The Fortescue family has personally had ties to Boconnoc since 1717. In 2000 Anthony and Elizabeth Fortescue embarked on an ambitious renovation project to restore Boconnoc to its former glory (and impart a brilliant new contemporary feel to the estate).



For £65 per person, you will enjoy 5 glasses of hand-selected wine by our sommelier  and 5 courses of local food prepared by our brilliant chef. 

About Emerging Vines

"Our aim is to spread the word and to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience what this country has to offer. We will be working closely with English and Welsh producers with the aim of sourcing quality, unique and up and coming wines from the country's best and most exciting producers. Our goal is to provide light-hearted and informative producer profiles, easy going tasting notes and a general background into the industry on our home turf. Through corporate events, home tastings, promotional social media and eventually online sales, we will make this exciting industry accessible to all.

"Tommy has come from a production focused side of the industry. Working his way up from a general cellar hand to the Assistant Head Winemaker at a top producer, he can offer behind the scenes knowledge and experience from the five harvests he has under his belt. Always networking at events and competitions, he has built valuable relationships with some of the country's best winemakers.
"Having spent the last few years working as a Sommelier overseas, Tom returned to England and was immediately impressed with the quality of wine being produced on our own soil. Splitting time between the restaurant floor at 2* Gidleigh Park as a Sommelier and working closely with an English Wine producer, Tom has developed a greater knowledge of the production side of the industry.
"For the last three years, Josh has worked for an English Wine producer focusing on cellar door sales, in-depth tastings and tours of the vineyard and winery. Most recently, Josh has dabbled in the more 'hands-on' side of wine production - putting up with bee-stings whilst picking Madeleine Angevine and punching down Pinot Noir."

For more info on Emerging Vines, head to emergingvines.co.uk 





Please arrive at 6:00 pm. If you're arranging a taxi, we expect to finish around 9:30/10pm 

What to bring
We will be outside for part of the evening, so be sure to bring something to wrap up warm in.
We'll have a wander around the area too, so please bring appropriate footwear, especially if the ground is wet. 

You will receive clear directions by email to the location the week before the event. 

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We haven't quite figured out how to order the perfect weather conditions... but we have luck on our side. We will continue with the evening under all circumstances and we have an indoor contingency plan if it's looking too wild, even for us. 

Directions to the site will be emailed to you the week prior to the event. 

18+ Only
By purchasing a ticket you agree that you are 18 years or older. 

The event will go on in all circumstances - rain or shine. Sorry, no refunds. You may gift your ticket to someone else, or contact us in case we have a waiting list.

Are you Vegan, Veggie, Gluten free, dairy free or anything else? Drop us an email with details as soon as possible. 
If you have any questions, drop us an email at hello@wildwineclub.co.uk
About Wild Wine Club
Our events are open to anyone. Come alone, as a couple or with a group. We serve 5 courses, some of which are served whilst we wander the grounds. Debbie, sommelier and Wild Wine Club founder, will guide you and talk about the wines and food pairings, as well as some history or stories of the location we are at. 

"Wild Wine Club takes tasting out of the restaurant and serves it up in the great outdoors instead. The result is a luxurious long-table wine feast in unexpected places where the food is paired with the wine, rather than the other way round."

Come as strangers, leave as friends.