What we're about

Join us on our gastronomic adventures, discovering wine in beautiful, and sometimes unexpected, locations around Cornwall and beyond.

We aim to host one Wild Wine Club each month.

Everyone is welcome at Wild Wine Club. You simply buy a ticket to join us, there is no membership.

Debbie Warner is our sommelier and shares her extensive knowledge of wine with us during each event. 

"The events have been amazing, and what is particularly lovely is that it is not the sort of event where you have to wear a posh frock or a 
dinner jacket. Guests arrive in hiking boots and warm jackets and that gives the events a much more relaxed and enjoyable feel."


People of Wild Wine Club

Debbie Siobhan Warner

Adam Banks


Michele Ferron


Photography of the events is by the talented Lewis Harrison-Pinder. 
See more of his work here. 

Photography also by the lovely Pia Schiele.